OCEANWIDE SHIPPING & CHARTERING GMBH DOMSHOF 14/15 D-28195 BREMEN PHONE + 49 421 240 48 0 FAX + 49 421 240 48 99
With a still growing demand for quality and safety by all customers,
the shipping industry is facing new challenges every day to fulfil
these needs. Oceanwide Shipping & Chartering with its highly skilled
and motivated crew is offering a custom made service and is able to
respond proactive and flexible to our customers special requirements.
We are mainly focussing on Container- and Tankershipping and are
acting and operational offset for the shipping company Rigel, also
based in Bremen.
Our commercial activities include Spot- and Timecharter, S&P and
Newbuildings for various types and sizes of commercial vessels.
For inquiries please contact our competent staff.